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Circuit Breaker Installation

Up-to-Date Circuit Breakers

Circuits are the heart of the wiring for your residential or commercial building. Our licensed and bonded electricians install circuit breakers to boost your Wi-Fi connectivity and prevent sparks, fires and shortages. Old and faulty circuit breakers should be replaced immediately and done right the first time.

Experienced Workmanship Equals Maximum Results

Circuit Breaker Installation

Our certified electricians apply their industry knowledge to install new circuit breakers that meet your current and future electrical power needs.

Retrofitting & Upgrades

Upgrade your circuit breaker with our trusted electricians for retrofitted circuits to improve electric efficiency while eliminating potential hazards.

Circuit Breaker Maintenance

The Electric Guys optimize circuit reliability by performing maintenance to ensure your circuit breakers remain efficient and up-to-code.

Boost Electrical Safety

Replacing your home or business with a new circuit breaker will ensure your electronics are protected with reliable responses and effective safety.

Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Electrical panel upgrades are a necessity to prevent issues resulting from the addition of contemporary equipment to older panels. Modern electrical panels offer the capacity to safely power your appliances. Contact The Electric Guys to upgrade the electrical panels for your home or business.

Electrical Panel Services

Increased Capacity

The Electric Guys provide the right advice to outfit your residency or business with electrical outlets to support your equipment as your needs grow.


Panel upgrades ensure you will have enough electrical supply, protect your electronics, and prevent electrical fires.

Efficient Locations

Increase the functionality of your work space by upgrading your electrical panel to add more outlets and use your electronics conveniently.

Extra Security

Our licensed electricians will increase your home's safety by upgrading your electrical panel to connect with your security system.