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Childproofing & Family Safety

Comprehensive Home Electrical Protection

Homes can pose risks to younger children that hide in plain sight and child proof electrical outlets can help minimize that risk. The Electric Guys can install child proof outlets, Arc Fault Circuits (AFCI), Ground Fault Circuits (GFCI) and surge protection to new and old panels. Contact The Electric Guys and rest easy knowing your home is safer for your children and your whole family. 

Childproofing Your Electrical System is the Safe Choice!

Childproof Outlets

Childproofing outlets and power strip cords reduces the risk of children receiving electrical shocks, sparks and burns.

Arc Fault Circuits

AFCIs add an extra layer of safety to protect your home from fire induced arcing which can occur from aging or damaged wiring.

Ground Fault Circuits

GFCIs are essential for bathrooms and kitchens where water fixtures are present, helping prevent electrocution.

Surge Protection

Maintain the lifespan of your electrical equipment by protecting it against risky voltage spikes.